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2024- seat available
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“All the ‘extras’ done during school are included in normal tuition. Some other places charge extra for food, or art supplies. I know parents can feel frustrated by this – I know I would.” Katie & Rob, Pelham, NY 2018-current
“Great hours! You are a great choice for two working parents, especially if they work in the city. Your hours allow for them to drop off and still catch the train. Or they don’t have to worry if meetings run late or you need to run a few errands before pickup at 6pm.” Megan & Eli, Pelham, NY 2017-2023

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“We love the in-home environment you provide. Kids will have the rest of their school-age lives to be in a more formal school setting, but in this situation kids of all ages interact in the same space. This provides great social and emotional development, as younger kids can learn from older kids and older kids can understand how to be around small children. The older kids take such good care looking after the babies!” Lauren & Doug, Pelham, NY 2021-current
“I will always remember the feeling of home” and the feeling that my kids are taken care of as if they are Miss Elena’s & Mr. Louis kids” Andrea & Tim, Pelham, NY 2018-2024
“Great with babies and helping with schedules and next phases. You're game for finding a solution to baby and toddler's unique needs” Jessica & Tim, Pelham, NY 2022-current
“As a first-time mom, I was looking for people who had experience with babies but also people who seemed to have a genuine love for children – which Elena and Louis really do.” Beth & Luke, Pelham, NY 2018-2023
Quick Facts Started in 2014, by Elena & Louis, Colorful Sunburst was created to be the solution to all the issues today’s professional parents typically have when searching for quality childcare supporting the family model. Our focus is on ease of use for the parent and keeping it fun and exciting for the children. Key points to know: Operated by the owners and always present on-site. We have a ratio of 1 staff member to 4 children Staff are chosen by their ability to care for and interact with children as our first priority. All staff are all parents/grand parents. Parents will always know who is caring for their children.
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Tuition & Fees

The tuition rate is all inclusive and

covers attendance between 7am-

6pm. We have no add-on fees for

premium services, supplies, extra-

curricular activities. All the services

are budgeted and covered by the

standard rate and available to any

child. The tuition rate is based on

the full calendar year and payable

in monthly installments.

Rates are made available during our consultation. Schedule a consultation to learn more.
Holidays Observed and Recess Periods: New Year's Day Martin Luther King Day President’s Day Memorial Day Juneteenth 4th of July
Summer Recess Vacation (Last week of August) Labor Day Thanksgiving Day & following Friday Winter Recess Vacation (December 25, 20XX  thru January 1, 20XX)
Hours of Operation We are open from Monday - Friday, between 7am - 6pm.
Infants We enroll infants from 3 months of age. Availability is limited, so parents are encouraged to reserve a crib at least 1 year in advance if possible. Over the years, most of the children attending have started as infants and many were followed by their siblings. Miss Elena has created a unique program for infant care and education. Emotional and physical development is the focus. We talk to, play finger games, read stories, and sing songs. During diaper changes, they receive positive attention and get acquainted with the names of body parts, like head, nose, mouth, etc… During tummy time, we teach them to roll over, help them to sit, crawl and stand up. As they approach their birthday, they receive short, personalized play-based lessons by working with puppets, learning the sounds of animals and their names, basic colors, ASL signs for communication and so on. An infant’s day after 6 months of age is active with many activities. Schedule a consultation to learn more.
Toddlers The toddler program leverages our Art and Natural Sciences programs, as well as our physical activities to develop both fine and gross motor skills; as well as socialization skills on interaction with others, and working within a group to produce a specific outcome. Our toddlers can be grouped into mixed ages from 18 months to 36 months. Older toddlers can be introduced to preschool activities as they demonstrate the ability to participate. Schedule a consultation to learn more.
Pre-School Our Pre-school program focuses on refining the children’s social skills required to interact with the world around them and to appreciate the ability to experience, learn, and focus on the things that interest them and expand on that knowledge in a natural way. Each month we introduce topics around a general theme and expand from there. Children are introduced to a games that force them to think and plan ahead, while also developing their social skills like chess, backgammon and checkers. As children progress thru the program, we focus on developing “soft skills” like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity to help them address academic subjects like reading, writing, and basic math. All of our children meet or exceed entry requirements for the kindergarten programs of the communities we serve. Schedule a consultation to learn more View Preschool Activities on our YouTube Channel
Learning Play Area
Play area Full of assorted toys. tools, etc... to allow the children to engage in unstructured play activity. We utilize a rubber flooring system, typically found in public play areas installed to protect from serious injury in this space.
Reading & Learning Area This space is used for structured activities like Storytime, lessons, etc... Heavily used during the warmer months of the year.
Outdoor Activities
We strongly believe in allowing the children to play in structured and unstructured activities. Our outdoor spaces are available and used year-round. We maintain two spaces as seen above.
Food Vegi Food Food Breakfast
Parents do not need to provide food for children. We provide 2 meals and 1 snack per day. Breakfast and lunch consists of hot freshly prepared meals. We serve vegetables and fruit daily. Typical meals include soups, stews, meats, and pasta. Whole milk, 1% milk, Kefir, Soy & Oat Milk, Apple Juice and water are stocked to support the needs of the children for consumption. Food Allergy issues - We are able to address food allergy issues and ask parents to address the issue with the program director to prepare a food plan. Infant Feeding - Parents need to provide breast milk or formula for their bottle feeding infants. Once infants are old enough to consume solids, we will process the solids prepared daily for the child to consume and supplement when needed with typical "baby food" commercially available.
Food Services
Baby Potty
Potty Training CS staff work with parents to address the potty training of toddlers and work thru the process to address this milestone all children must address.
The primary goal of Colorful Sunburst’s staff is to guide and impart a sense of independence autonomy self-esteem and caring toward others and the physical environment. Redirection and intervention are the most commonly used methods of promoting acceptable behavior. Positive guidance and reward correct actions and/or aid the child in problem solving using discussions are also effective methods of teaching. Time-out is used when a child loses control and refuses redirection. For example, acting aggressively, throwing a tantrum, or complete defiance. No corporal punishment is allowed and emotional blackmail in the form of fear, obligation or guilt is also not used at Colorful Sunburst.
Guidance and Discipline
Miss Elena Owner & Teacher, Miss Elena taught primary & middle school in the Russian school system for 15 years. She has taught daycare & pre-school in New York for another 15 years. Miss Elena is highly skilled in working with young children, she is loved and appreciated by all the children and parents.
Mr. Louis Owner & Operations/Parent Coordinator, Mr Louis worked in the corporate world for over 30 years in the Information Technology sector before retiring in 2018. Since then he has worked with parents and overseeing the day- to-day operational aspects for Colorful Sunburst.
Colorful Sunburst Staff
Elena Louis
Miss Lina Teacher Assistant & Childcare provider, Miss Lina has over 25 years of experience caring for young child. She is a mom and grandmother. Miss Lina oversees several areas in the daily operations, from assisting Miss Elena in the classroom, to teaching basic skills to our infants and young toddlers. Miss Lina also prepares the outstanding meals served to the children. Miss Lina’s primary function is to oversee the care for all the children and receives assistance from others as needed.
Miss Varvara Studio Arts Teacher, Miss Varvara serves as Artist consultant and program designer for Arts & Crafts at Colorful Sunburst. Miss Varvara has over 10 years of experience working in the arts. She possesses a BFA in Ceramics & MS.Ed and currently works for the BOE, as a primary school teacher in NYC and Studio Arts teacher in private sector arts institutions.
Colorful Sunburst Staff
Lina Varvara
Core Values

Colorful Sunburst operates

under a set of core values. Here

are just a few listed below:

Mindfulness is Our Guide - Providing for the needs of the children and their parents under our care comes first. All organizational objectives in our business management framework are created to align with this value. Living by Our Values - Is living and working a life where what we think, feel, say, and do are aligned as one. We know ourselves, and we are positioned well to live a life of integrity as we service the needs of the children under our care.
Trust in Us - The ability to work with multiple children of various ages concurrently, and to be able to think through issues, is something not learned in a classroom. Experience, both good and bad, has taught us what works and what does not work. We value and leverage the knowledge of our collective experience, and all work under a common goal to achieve quality outcomes. Speaking with One Voice - Because our children are very young, we believe in communicating ideas, behaviors, and actions that are aligned between us and our parents to avoid conflict by communicating with "one voice." In this way, the children will understand what is expected from all.
Did you know
At Colorful Sunburst The average family is enrolled for 6.5 years and has had 2 children complete our program. The average child attends for 4.5 years most children participate in the program with a sibling most children in the program are from the same community and grow up with kids that will attend the same school, building long-term relationships for years to come many parents establish relationships that lead to expanded activities via play dates or sleep overs for the children…
One family enrolled at Colorful Sunburst started in 2018 with their first daughter, enrolled their 2nd daughter in Jan 2021, and will enroll their third daughter in June 2024 maintaining a continuos enrolled period from 2018 - 2028. Did you know, how difficult it is for us to say goodbye to the children that have attended daily for so many years; watched them grow from infancy to a school-aged wonder talking about their soccer practice, etc…

Remove the stress & anxiety by enrolling your child at Colorful

Sunburst where parents are supported, listened to, and cared

for because they do not have to worry about who is caring for

their children!

Lets get started now, it’s just 3 easy steps Step 1: Schedule your Zoom meeting for a 30 minute call. Step 2: We will schedule an on-site tour. Step 3: Complete enrollment forms and provide deposit.
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