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Premium childcare Services

Our program services infants from 12 weeks up to 2 years old. Our “full-time only” program is a hybrid model that features the benefits of individualized care with educational opportunities by trained professionals, all with the benefits of more reasonable costs than tradiionally associated with full-time Nanny care, while providing the specialized services of Nursery school by experienced teachers and long-term hours of general care typically provided by full-time Day care facilties, all in our facility. Our facilities are home-based, not institutional like day care centers, and our staff are trained for the roles performed within the organization. After children reach their 2nd year, they receive priority in admittance to and enrollment into our separate preschool as seats become available. Transitions are smooth and fast since instructional staff are shared between the two programs. For more information, please visit of FAQ page explaning the benefits with more details about our program.   For more information, visit our Services page. Call or email to schedule a tour to visit Colorful Sunburst Infants.