ADDRESS & HOURS 3920 Secor Ave Bronx, New York 10466 Monday - Friday, 7am - 6:30pm
CONTACT Mail: Phone: 718-547-4560
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A quick note about our staff
Colorful Sunburst cares for children from 12 weeks up to 5 years of age in our infant - preschool programs. We also care for school-age children from 5-8 years of age. Our programs have been designed from our philosophy to nuture every child's potential. We develop independent thinking skills and self-confidence by guiding the children to work through tasks and problems until they succeed. Our program is small, and limited to 12 children, 5 years and younger and 4 additional school-aged kids. This is to suit our commitment to a high quality model of service. Our enrolled families typically are here for many years as more than 50% of families have or had multiple children enrolled. In the last few years, a typical child starts our program at around 4 months of age and leaves to enter Kindergarten or 1st grade, so this is about 4.5 years or so the child is with us at Colorful Sunburst. Under these circumstances, we come to know the children very well and are able to offer the children a stable and extended family type of environment.
Our team is comprised of 4 individuals, with 3 members scheduled for work concurrently, Monday-Friday, between 8:00am- 5pm. That’s a ratio of 1 staffer per 4 children on a daily basis during 90% of the working day! Smaller staffing levels are on-site prior to 8:00am and after 5pm. Our staff have worked at Colorful Sunburst for years and not months. All staff but one are parents or grandparents and with staff ages ranging from 47-61 years, we have lots of caregiving and educational experience. For more information about our staff, please visit the “ About Us ” Page.
For more information about us, please visit our additional pages, Facebook, Instagram and other resources. Thank you for visiting Colorful Sunburst Daycare & Preschool
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