ADDRESS & HOURS 3920 Secor Ave Bronx, New York 10466 Monday - Friday, 7am - 6:30pm
CONTACT Mail: Phone: 718-547-4560


Teacher & Owner

Mr. Louis

Colorful Sunburst was started by Miss Elena and her husband Mr. Louis. Miss Elena emigrated to the United States in 2008. She worked as a teacher in primary and middle school education in Russia where she earned two Masters degrees in Education and Programming. Her specialty is mathematics and possesses some 15 years experience in Russian schools and 12+ years in early childcare and education in the United States. Miss Elena’s primary responsibility is overseeing the education of all the children attending by developing and maintaining a fun, interesting, and relevant curriculum.
Mr. Louis oversees general care and operations of Colorful Sunburst, as well as general business, enrollment, and parent laison. Mr. Louis also welcomes the arrival of all children to the program beginning from 7am. During his youth, Mr. Louis studied music at some of NY’s well known music schools including 3rd St. Music School and the Juilliard School, prepatory college division. Mr. Louis graduated with a Bachelors degree from Lehman College, City University of New York. He worked in the field of Information Technology for over 30 years until retiring in 2018, when he changed his role from part-time to full-time with Colorful Sunburst. Mr. Louis’ primary responsibility is to ensure the children attending are happy and enjoying their time.

Miss Varvara

Studio Arts
Miss Varvara is Colorful Sunburst’s Studio Arts teacher. Miss Varava holds an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education, Bachelors degree in Studio Arts (specialty in Ceramics) and Masters degree in Education, City College, City University of New York. Miss Varvara is employed by the City of New York, Board of Ed. and working as a teacher in an elementary school in Manhattan’s upper west side. Miss Varvara works closely with Miss Elena in the development of the Art program in place at Colorful Sunburst to ensure the children benefit from both a “fun” factor and great “educational experience” in using art as a learning methodology. Miss Varvara is well liked by the children, and they love the opportunities experienced when Miss Varvara is able to come on-site to deliver instruction.

Miss Jocelyn & Miss Lina

Care Providers
Miss Jocelyn has been at Colorful Sunburst for 7 years. Throughout this time, she has held several positions from food services, to daycare assistant, infant care provider and so on. She is loved by the children as is anything she prepares in the kitchen. For some time, many people have referred to Colorful Sunburst as the daycare with the “great food.” Well, Miss Joceyln has a lot to do with that claim. Miss Jocelyn has helped to care for children from 3 months and on. While the first group of children she has helped to care for and raise up are no longer present with us time does not stop and the tasks continue to help the newest arrivals into our programs. Miss Jocelyn continues in her role and does so extremely well. Miss Jocelyn is a mother and grand- mother and loved by all. Miss Lina has cared for Colorful Sunburst’s youngest children. In this role she sees to the health and welfare of our babies. Miss Lina brings years of experience in caring and raising children. When not working with infants, Miss Lina keeps our facilities in clean conditions. Having 12 children on-site does bring challenges in maintaining cleanliness, but Miss Lina sees to it that all is well. Miss Lina is a mom and grand-mother. And like Miss Jocelyn, become a valued member of Colorful Sunburst and appreciated and loved by all.