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Infant Care

Our program for infants is to make babies feel safe, secure, and happy in our infant daycare room. Your child will be placed in a nurturing environment filled with stimulating activities and caring staff. We accept children as young as 12 weeks. Space is limited, so advanced registration is recommended. Once infants reach 16 - 18 months of age, they are transitioned into our toddler program and begin more formal educational programs as space is available. For more information on infants, please visit our dedicated infant site. http://infants.colorfulsunburst.com

Toddler Program

The toddler program leverages our Art and Natural Sciences programs, as well as our physical activities to develop both fine and gross motor skills as well as socialization skills on interaction with others and working within a group to produce some outcome. Our toddlers can be grouped into mixed ages from 18 months to 36 months. Older toddlers can be introduced to preschool activities as they demonstrate the ability to participate.

Preschool Program

We offer a unique program based on multiple methodologies. The Russian early child hood program and Montessori. We have chosen the best of these offerings and combined them with our belief that children under 7 years of age need an environment that focuses on their development in social abilities to interact with the world around them; to appreciate the ability to learn and focus on the things that interest them and expand that knowledge in a natural way; and to experience all these things in a beautiful and natural space, more like home and less like the typical cookie cutter classroom. Each month, we introduce topics around a general theme and expand from there based on the reaction of the children to it. All our children meet or exceed the requirements for entry in the kindergarten programs of the communities we serve. It is typical for our children to begin reading in the 4th year as well as play games of strategy like chess, checkers and backgammon. Come here and ask our 4 and 5 year olds about the solar system or the human body and you will get a response about the planets or the large intestines and what they do!

Personal Hygiene Training

Caring for one’s self is just as important as counting, ABCs and saying please. With that, we include in our daily practice the teaching and reinforcement of the importance of washing of the hands, face, and brushing of teeth after meals with all children. In addition, children that are not “potty trained” also receive their own potty and receive the needed training once they demonstrate the desire to use a potty and have more control over their body functions.

Add-on Programs

Colorful Sunburst offers assorted add-on prgrams through-out the year. New activites are frequently added while others are removed. To learn what programs will be offered in a given year, please inquire directly with Mr. Louis. Past programs have included ceramics, games of strategy, The Solar System.


Operating Hours: Monday - Friday || 7am - 7pm


Food Services

Colorful Sunburst provides fresh and homemade food and snacks for all children enrolled as part of our standard service. We are a pork and nut free environment. 99% of all menu items are prepared on the day when served. Menus typically iclude beef, poultry, tilapia, stews, hot cereals like oatmeal or farina, fresh made pancakes (not mix) with an assortment of fruits and vegetables daily. Our food service can also work with children observing vegetarian and vegan diets. Children with specific food allergies are addressed invidually in consultation with Miss Elena.