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About Us

Miss Elena

Director of Education

Colorful Sunburst was started in 2012 by Miss Elena and her husband Mr. Louis. Miss Elena, a Russian- born citizen, emigrated to the United States in 2008. She possesses two Masters Degrees, in Education & Programming. She worked nearly 20 years in the Russian educational system in both primary school in general education and as a mathematics teacher in middle school. Since arriving in the U.S., Miss Elena has worked exclusively in early childhood education. Her experience took her to a Yonkers-based center where she discovered the vast differences and concepts of early childhood education between her former life in Russia and her current life in the U.S. Knowing there is a different way to educate and provide a more effective and enjoyable experience for the children and their parents, Miss Elena and Mr. Louis decided to open Colorful Sunburst to offer an alternative choice.

Mr. Louis

Director of Operations

Mr. Louis’ responsibilities include working with Parents on day-to-day matters, overseeing the general care and operations of the site and business and enrollment matters. He is also Miss Elena's husband. During his youth and teenage years, Mr. Louis studied music in a some of NY's better known music schools including 3rd St. Music school and the Juilliard Prepatory School.Mr. Louis holds a Bachelors degree in Art History and numerous professional certifications in Information Technology where he worked in assorted IT-related industry positions over the past 30 years. Previous experience includes work at Lehman College, CUNY, School for Continuing Education and The Job Corp educating young people and adults in assorted IT specialties with a total of 30+ years working in the IT and education industry. Now retired from corporate america, Mr. Louis is the Chief Operating Officer and the Director of the Infant program at Colorful Sunburst. Along with his staff, Mr. Louis cares for the youngest of our children and prepares them for our Toddler and Preschool programs.

Miss Varvara

Studio Arts

Miss Varara has earned an Associates degree in Early Childhood development and a Bachelors Degree in Studio Arts and is currently completing her MS in Ed. in December 2020. She has over 10 years of experience working with children as both a teacher and assistant. Miss Varvara currently works as a UPK,Kindergarten, &1st grade teacher for the NYC Bd. of Ed. in an elementary school in the upper west side of Manhattan. She has worked closely with Miss Elena in the development of the Art program in place at Colorful Sunburst to ensure the program and the children benefit from both a “fun” factor and educational experience in using art as a learning method. She is well liked by our children, and they love the opportunities experienced when Miss Varvara is on-site to deliver arts instruction.

Teacher Assistants & Staff

Colorful Sunburst also employs teacher assistants. Their roles vary from toddler or infant assistant to playground assistant, and after school assistant. Throughout the course of a day, 2-3 assitants can work on-site supporting Miss Elena and Mr. Louis.